What the Flexbox is.js Voxel?

If a year ago you asked me what I was most excited about in the front-end world it'd be Flexbox. I believe it'll fundamentally change the way interfaces are built while also expanding basic layout flexibility and capabilities. Period.

However, a year ago I would have also said I was least excited about 3D visual rendering in the browser. But here I am now sharing Voxel.css, which I was pretty blown away with, particularly by how simple they've boiled down their components. The performance is excellent (as long as you've updated your browser in the last 2 years), and the Scene, World, Editor and Voxel components make total sense to a newbie like myself. Give it a look.

Also, don't miss the big move for lodash.js to merge underscore.js into v4. Reminds me of jQuery...

Galen Vinter