Dialog Polyfill, FT's Component library, and The State of Front-end Dev

This week's The State of Front-end Dev is an hour long, but Chris Coyier is one of the biggest names in front-end dev and leads a meaningful discussion with other pros. On a side note, Chris's style is incredibly practical, which is the type of front-end developer I am.

Just last night I was talking to my co-founder/CTO about how crazy the front-end ecosystem is compared to the back-end. The front-end is still in the "Wild West Era". Progress will be found as we continue to speak openly about the challenges and nuances of this decentralized front-end world until more clarity and continuity forms. Chris's conversation does just that.

Also, a shout out to Jonathan Bello who is a long-time subscriber to this newsletter and has started his own Ruby Newsletter. So if you code Ruby, give it a look!

Galen Vinter


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