We've made it a year, let's review!

What started as a small project to aggregate my favorite front-end dev articles quickly turned into a full-blown weekly newsletter. I went from hand-coding each email, to using Curated, an excellent newsletter builder which has saved me a couple hundred hours over the past year (big thanks to Curated!).

Most importantly though, I want to say thanks to you, the subscribers. Why? Because Front-end Dev Weekly has an average weekly open-rate of 60% and click rate of 30%, numbers rarely seen in the email newsletter world. I love that we have such an engaged and interested group and I want to keep sharing the latest and greatest content I find with you.

As always, I love getting feedback and would love to hear about types of content you want to see more of. Shoot me an email, or tweet at me. Have a great week!

Galen Vinter