Angular v2 buzz heats up while Flexbox starts getting the attention it deserves

When I first built ProjectPulse's client-side app I had the age-old (ha!) question of Backbone, Angular, or Ember. I ruled Ember out immediately because it was like bringing a bazooka to a knife fight. Angular v1 was a bit overloaded for what I needed too, so Backbone was left standing. Backbone.js has been excellent for ProjectPulse, but with Angular v2 right around the corner I wonder what my decision might have been if Angular v2 was out before I built ProjectPulse...

I also wanted to thank anyone who up-voted or commented on ProjecPulse's ProductHunt submission yesterday. It was an awesome surprise to find out someone had submitted it and even better to see all the interest in the private beta, so thank you!

Galen Vinter


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