2015 Front-end Predictions

Newsletter after newsletter, blog after blog, and Buzzfeed after Huffington Post articles are making lists of things to expect out of 2015. If you're a HackerNews snooper like me, then you probably saw AVC's 2014 Review, which isn't about the front-end specifically, but almost each list item is deeply connected to front-end development. I could make a list that would talk about how Angular.js is on a rocket ship, how code-learning sites (I'm a Thinkful mentor, but there are obviously many others) look like the bubble that will not burst, and front-end developers will start owning more pieces of devices we never could develop for before. But most of that you can deduce yourself because front-enders are on teams trying to conquer technology challenges in all directions. The hardest thing about calling yourself a "front-end dev" has been that title could mean so many things. Well, 2015 is going to bring even more meanings, so get ready for that. But also, get excited for it, because the front-end developer's reach and power is only extending this year. Bon courage!

Galen Vinter

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Ps. This is the first time I'm mentioning ProjectPulse

I've referenced "the app I'm building" quite a few times, but up until this point haven't shared ProjectPulse's link I don't think. Well, if you're curious why I'm doing it in this newsletter it's because I've been in private beta for 4 weeks now and have gotten some amazing feedback from users. We've got a bit more building and tweaking before a public beta is reached, but if you're interested in jumping in a month or 2 early, shoot me an email, and we'll get you set up. Anyone who reaches out this week will get 50% their first year under the assumption you'll give me all your honest feedback as we build and grow. You'll always have my email address. I'm looking for users who are dying to have this problem solved, so step right up and say hi!