Shipping - get it out the door

I'm building an app right now (not news to your ears). It's going to soft launch in a few weeks, and I'll be looking for early adopters/beta users, but the second I started looking for early adopters I've been on this fast track march to ship Ship SHIP! We all imagine that our next project will be the one where we "do everything the right way". But the truth is, you need to take shortcuts, cut out features that are not MVP worthy and sometimes let your code get a little sloppy, all in the name of getting an app out the door. If I want to get it out in a few weeks, I'm going to have to bite my tongue at some of my own code. So if you choose to Inspect my code, remember it's an MVP! However, I'd LOVE if you replied by email and told me where you thought something was really falling down. No email too harsh :)

Galen Vinter


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