A few front-end tidbits you might not know...

As the Node.js battle continues between the branches of the community (a little Git pun for your morning), Angular.js and Ember.js start reaching for v2.0. There's a lot of worry that the fighting makes Node.js weaker, but I think it shows that people care - a lot - and that's a good sign in my eyes. By the way, did I mention I've been working a product? Well, it's only a few weeks away from beta... and if you work on projects that have milestones and deadlines (yes, that should be most of you), then I think you'll be interested... No, it's not just for front-end developers, although I DID build it to solve a problem I have as a front-end dev and product consultant. I can't wait to share it with you!

Galen Vinter

Dev Tools