Finding articles that you DIDN'T necessarily see already

This week there were 2 trendy articles in the front-end world. One was The Verge's blog post about making their site responsive and removing mobile and tablet versions of their site. I award zero points for media companies joining what should already be considered the front-end status quo. The second and more important one was Smashing Mag's blog post on their site performance case study - which is absolutely worth a read for an inside look at how a major content producer/publisher thinks about performance. I'd include the Smashing Mag link below because it's noteworthy, but it's an example of something I'm assuming everyone's already seen. The JS memory link YouTube video below, on the other hand, only has 9k views, so that I'm assuming you haven't seen...

Avoiding the trendy stuff is so 'hipster' of me... So if you prefer I avoid the mainstream every-other-blog/newsletter articles, reply to this email and say "rock on, ya hipster!". No, but seriously, I love feedback :)

Galen Vinter